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hi — i'm a stanford undergrad studying
engineering design

strategy @ stanford consulting
product work @
amazon alexa
customer acquisition @ cibc
radio programming @ bush radio
water, cities, and colonialism @
education and skilling @ harappa
women in policy @ yrsi and isd
pioneering dei work @
public policy and leadership @ nyu govlab
innovating @  tks



last quarter i studied:

math 51: linear algebra, multivariable calculus, and modern applications
bio 12n: sensory ecology of marine animals
phil 80: mind, matter, meaning
filmedia 211n: childish enthusiams and perishable manias
italic 91: immersion in the arts, why art?

this quarter i am studying

math 52: integral calculus of severable variables
physics 41: mechanics
design 11: visual thinking
bio 7n: conservation photography
italic 95n: immersion in the arts, program in writing and rhetoric

next quarter i will study:

math 53: ordinary differential equations with linear algebra
math 115: functions of a real variable
humbio 160: human behaviorial biology
engr 14: intro to solid mechanics
english 105: the renaissance

madhav prakash


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